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We are R.I.S.E. Coalition

Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engaging

We are the women who are calling upon YOU to RISE and protect all that is sacred…
Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engage community members and the public,
of Indigenous communities virtually or physically from;
our homes, schools, board rooms, to forest floors, wetlands, and waters.
We RISE to educate, advocate, and inspire a new path forward with Indigenous values,
knowledge and lifeways; leading our path to a climate-friendly and inclusive future.
R.I.S.E.’s fires are kept going on White Earth and Fond du Lac Communities and their
surrounding areas in Minnesota.
As we travel, we spread the fire along, hopefully inspiring more sacred fires to
RISE across Turtle Island.

What does R.i.s.e. mean?
Nookomis Aadoopowin

As Indigenous people of Turtle Island, we continue to survive volumes of trans-generational trauma while facing: assimilative government practices, systemic racism, violence, poverty, addiction, trafficking, sexual violence and Missing Murdered Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) epidemics. These conditions have deteriorated our cultural ways of problem solving, communication, self-advocacy, and education.

Inexpungible Treaty Rights held by Tribes and Tribal people make for Tribal consultation to be a founding factor in governmental decisions made for us today. Yet continued colonizing practices exhaust our voices and marginalize them further by only accepting elected Indigenous input. Tribal consultation should involve the entire tribe, as it did when the treaties were signed, we need to reclaim what tribal consultation means to us, as people, not the colonized versions that exist.

We come to Nookomis Aadoopowin (Grandmother’s Table) to address the problems we face…
Through a Circle of Grandma’s- Guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings –

Redefining Indigenous women’s roles and breaking trail for Indigenous ways of helping.…
Repairing our matriarchal society…
Indigenizing and empowering our communities through reclaiming identity, supporting Indigenous voices, cultural practices and values; to help create a better future for the next generations to come…

Creating a world where Indigenous people have a voice and place to lead their own path…
while living our culture… towards Mino-bimaadiziwin (good balanced life);
Where Treaty Rights and Tribal Histories are respected, taught, and work-life is conducive to Indigenous values and ways of life.

Our Mission
We are the Women who are calling upon YOU to RISE and Protect all that is Sacred.
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