R.I.S.E. Coalition Area of Focus:


How We Engage:

Working to create an oversight board of Elders

Attend and listen at Elder Council Meeting & Follow-up with Elder Concerns

We regularly update our elders about the meetings and hearing we attended or have knowledge of. We gain insights through their wisdom about matters that are important to all of us.

We ask for elder’s assistance and leadership on many of our traditional art classes we offer throughout the year. We also love hosting sewing circles for our elders to be able to socialize and have more time to share our experiences with each other.

We carry Elder Resolutions to other Entities whenever we are asked. When we bring concerns to the elders and they act with a resolution to respond, we carry it wherever it may need to go.

Transportation for voting, meetings, and other needs. We hope to expand funding in this area to help more elders.

We can help apply for grants to help fund much needed teachings.

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