R.I.S.E. Coalition Area of Focus:


How We Engage:

Each year we work to help sugarbushing to happen within the 1854 & 1855 Treaty Territories. We host camps, bring elders and invite the communities to join in.

We host planting, gardening, harvesting, canning and other food preservation workshops.

Following the Traditional seasonal cycles of our ancestors, we gather traditional medicines and work teach our communities about them. We gif elders and the sick with medicines regularly that we gather.

From white clay pottery, beading, sewing, moccasins, and much more. We are always engaging with our traditional arts and sharing them with others. Sewing bags is a regular occurrence as we are always gifting and working to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Whenever we camp or host an action – we build traditional structures from tipi to a waaginoogan or wigwam, and others. By doing this we keep the knowledge alive as community members help and learn from their participation.

Each fall we prepare for Manoominike, gathering of wild rice, in our communities. We support our communities in those efforts by hosting camps that help and teach how to gather and finish wild rice.

As our ancestors did, we also do our berry picking with the seasons bringing everyone, youth to elders along, to engage with our environment, our way of life.

We support the traditional healing practices in our communities, our elders, and spiritual leaders; through asking for their help for others and help people get to ceremony.

With naturally occurring white clay found on the earth and with the teachings of our elders, we create and teach how to make pottery items as our ancestors before us did.

We support community events along with hosting our own virtual storytelling events to ensure that our stories continue to be shared and learned from; for the next seven generations to come.

We attend tribal, local, state, and federal meetings and hearings to listen and speak on behalf of the water, Treaty Rights, and the next 7 generations to come. We bring our experiences home to share with our communities and hope to bring more people to those tables as we go.

We support and host camps and workshops to help reclaim these skills for our youth and communities. We have many more camps and workshops in our future plans.

Help support a community drum to go to events and help communities with ceremonies and celebrations.

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