R.I.S.E. Coalition Area of Focus:


Hannah Jo during Treaty Walk to MN State Capitol from Camp Firelight Photo taken by Ron Turney

How We Engage:

Adults are invited to every cultural gathering and camp we host and are able to participate in anyway they feel up to!

Community members are invited to gatherings and events. On every level, from MMIW-R, Treaty Rights, Higher Education, etc… We will advocate and we will work to empower them to advocate too.

We attend tribal, local, state, and federal meetings and hearings to listen and speak on behalf of the water, Treaty Rights, and the next 7 generations to come. We bring our experiences home to share with our communities and hope to bring more people to those tables as we go.

Extend work opportunities to community members as Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary, or Contract basis.

Support our adult community members to reach their goals!

Our people may need help getting to and from an important meeting.

Working to increase funding to help support elder-adult interactions, travel to camp and to important meetings.

Working to secure funding to have these classes offered closer to where our adults live.

Want to make a difference?

Donate TODAY to help our efforts on the ground. Miigwech

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